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Sneak Peek: Gingerbread Accents

rooftop set

My turn to post, and since my creativity is so sucked into two projects — my mom’s knitted shawl and the Gingerbread House Challenge — I’ve got only one worthy thing to show! I could show you the shawl again, but knitted fabric in a repetitive pattern is just knitted fabric. I can update you very quickly: 25″ long and not going to be done by Christmas, but looking good!

So I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of some Gingerbread House Challenge shenanigans and tell you about the creative bit! Ummm, collage: Not To Scale. LOL

These little cookies are between 1″ and 2″ tall, so be nice about how rough the frosting looks! Not only am I fairly inexperienced in royal icing work (WHY did we do this? Oh yeah, 90% FUN!) but I was working in miniature!

The creative bit? The sleigh cookie cutter had no area for icing in the presents, and Santa is really just a gingerbread man cutter. I added a scrap of dough to the sleigh, pressing the dough together without distending it, then trimmed it to my imagination of how I would ice some wrapped packages. Also…

Gingerbread-Accent mini-Santa

I molded a scrap of  dough into the shape of a santa hat, making sure to leave area for a pompom at the end, cut away the shape of the gingerbread man’s head with the cookie cutter, then pressed it up against the actual gingerbread man’s head. If you look carefully in the large Santa picture, you can just notice the seam in the dough on each side of the “fur” on his hat.

His eyes and nose are individual tiny nonpariel balls. That’s how small he is. If you’re a frosting person, his pompom was made with thin royal icing with a smashed-in Tip 24.

These little cookies will be back — you’ll see them again on Gingerbread House Challenge Reveal Day, December 24!

rooftop set

Merry Happy!


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