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I Love Snowflakes!

Let it snow! Crocheted hot (landing) pad

I woke up Friday morning — this morning as I am writing this — to Sam walking in my front door with Abbi, telling me there was SNOW out there! For me, that’s sure to put a smile on my face :) I love snow outside, watching it snow, and even the inconvenience of snow! We proceeded to run errands together all day and freeze our noses and toeses off in our unusual cold snap. Brrr!

Six sections, people! Six sections to a snowflake. This one shows a little awkwardness since it is the first time through with this pattern.

Since we don’t get a lot of snow here in western Washington State, I really get jazzed when we do so I thought I’d celebrate our first snow skiff of the season by making myself a snowflake hot pad. An authentically 6-pointed snowflake hot pad. Didn’t we all learn this in elementary school when we cut those paper snowflakes?

alt text

Now obviously this is not meant to be a pot HOLDER, but I will be using it as a landing pad for my reheated lunches and breakfast hot cereal bowls. It is made of Cotton Ease yarn, a cabled yarn that’s half cotton and half acrylic. That means I won’t be using this for things straight out of the oven — might melt.

Crocheted snowflake from size 4 yarn and a G hook, large enough and thick enough to use for a hot landing mat

When I shop for yarn, I’m always attracted to the gorgeous colors and variegated combinations, so it was a bit of a surprise to realize I actually had white yarn available. I’m pretty sure I picked it up during my amigurumi obsession, something I hope to have fun making again for Skittle when she’s past the “oh fun let’s stuff it in my mouth” phase of toy play! I imagine a basket full of critters and creatures, like DIY Beanie Babies at grandma’s house :)


This snowflake was adapted from the pattern at this website, and I see a couple more I want to try. I think I need a collection of them to go with my snowflake dishes that are coming out of their 3-season storage place today! I love my snowflake dishes, and I am very lucky that my husband swaps dishes for me twice a year :)

Oh, and can we all work toward informing the world of crocheters and other crafters that SNOWFLAKES HAVE 6 POINTS! Thank you. Thank you very much.

Happy Merry Snow Season!


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