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December Crafting Challenges

Gingerbread Houses

It’s December?!?!  YAY!!!

I heart Christmas, and all things Christmas-y!  Especially now that my retail days are a few years past and Christmas music hasn’t been haunting my ears every day for 5 hours since October.  ;)

This December, Mom and I decided we wanted to do a few Christmas Challenges!!  So here they are, and if you want to participate, we’d love for you to join us!  And take photos and email us too!!

Without further ado:

Christmas Challenge 1:  THE BIG ONE… Make a Gingerbread House!

Rules are: Everything must be contained within an 18″ square (ish) dimensions.  No electronics and all edible parts including scenery (except for the ground… quilt batting is allowed for snow on the ground).  There must be a theme, specifically a theme generated from a song, movie, poem, book, etc… something with a title.  (PS… this actually doesn’t have to be Christmas related… even though I’m calling it a Christmas challenge!)  This Challenge must be completed by December 20th, and we will reveal ours to you on Monday the 23rd!

Christmas Challenge 2: A tag!  Ya know, like a gift tag, to go on the presents underneath the tree.  The base of it must be kraft paper.  And the outer dimensions must be equal to or less than 3″ by 6″.  It must fit into our Paper-Pile Category, meaning mostly made with scrapbooking/card making supplies!  The tag must be done by Tues the 10th!

and last but not least…

Christmas Challenge 3: A Christmas Ornament!  It must be 3D and be smaller than the size of your cupped hands.  It must fit into our Craft Room Category, meaning made with craft room supplies… a mix of stuff, think creatively!  The ornament must be done by Monday the 16th!

Feel free to participate in one or all of our December Christmas Challenges!  Or just watch the blog for what we do with them!

Happy December!


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