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What’s Up Wednesday: Guest Room DIY Tour

Three DIY fabric projects in this picture are the thick flannel pillowcases, the padded fabric headboard, and the lampshade cover.

I’ve been giving my guest room a long overdue shakedown. Mostly because the portable crib that I had to have to make Sam, Aaron, and *ABBI’S* visits easier :) needed to fit in that room.  Ignore the out-of-date and not-really-coordinating wallpaper border and sadly-still-in-need-of-repainting walls — that’s for AFTER the holidays!

Some purchased, some painted by me or my kids, there is a definite bird and birdhouse finish in this room.

You know how that kind of room starts being a dumping ground collection center for all the items that need to find a home, or need to be taken upstairs, or need to be taken to donations, or… yeah. Well, it took me about 3 hours over a 15-hour day to get that room sorted out and rearranged. Gotta take care of my back and joints — I’m getting old, ya know! It was pretty tough to cram those 3 hours of work into that 15-hour day LOL

A convenience box for forgetful guests or unplanned stay-overs.

Then, of course, all the things that got evicted had to be dealt with. We won’t go there except to say two more rooms now have to be rearranged.

Textural trim added to a ready-made valance that comes from the same collection as the bedspread. Just stitch where the trim-makers stitched and you are done!

So I thought I’d use one of my What’s Up Wednesday posts to show you the things that I’ve made for that room during the past few years. Just bits and pieces, but I like it all!

Super thick Quilters Flannel makes into silky warm pillowcases. Finished four-inch hems for weight, but kept simple and clean. Meaning design-wise, because OF COURSE they are kept clean laundry-wise!

And there’s still a stack of a good 30-ish pieces of fabric in teals, grays, browns and tans and creams to make a scrappy quilt out of.

You’ll see that project when the time comes!

Fastest headboard ever — existing plywood, a close-enough tone of craft paint near the bottom, no trimming of the fabric — just double-folded the edges for stapling, and whatever bolts and washers we had on hand to fasten it to the frame.

Just one project left for the right-now, and that’s making a sheet (pillow sham style — you know how the back of a pillow sham works) for the flimsy portable crib so-called-mattress. Since that needs to be done by Friday and I just picked up the fabric(s) *innocent whistling* today, you’ll probably see it on Friday!

Lamp shade covers made with the WRONG side of the fabric out. Unobtrusive when lamps are off, but warm and still very coordinated when lamps are on.

Almost ready for guests!


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