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December 2013 Free Printable Calendar!

November and December are my busiest months as far as work goes for me.  And this month I’ve found it SUPER helpful to write down all my appointments on a monthly calendar sheet so I can quickly see what I’ve got scheduled coming up.  I just leave it sitting on my desk, so I can glance at it while I’m working!  I’m a little old-school in the sense that as much as I use my smart phone for everything… I am just not a fan of using the calendar.  I like to write stuff down!

So today, when I was looking at what I had coming up in December, I decided to make my own calendar sheet!  And feature my new favorite font… Mathilde!  (PS… I’m kind of a font addict… I have over 400 fonts installed on my computer… and believe it or not, I know what most of them look like and what I like to use them for just scrolling through them!)

Anyway… Here’s the simple little December Calendar I made and if you want a copy, just click here:  December 2013 Printable Calendar

Happy Planning!

(I’m getting so excited for Christmas!!)


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