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A “Little Bit” of Embroidery WIP


A little bit (as in unfinished) of a little bit of embroidery (very small project) relating to our family’s newest “Little Bit” (Abbi!)

I’ve picked this piece up every now and then since I started it, using it as an on-the-go project, and hope to have it finished soon. I was hoping to have it finished for this post but I don’t stitch with a thimble, and my pusher-finger gave out on me in my concentrated efforts. So, today, I show you a work-in-progress!Working with one strand of embroidery floss isn’t as easy as it used to be :/ But the results of this style of stitching are fun in a simple and straightforward kind of way.

This results remind me of drawing and coloring in elementary school, which is fitting because all the tinting, shading, and color filling is done with — ready? — crayons!

Yup, good old fashioned Crayolas.

Seems odd, right? But this style of simple stitching has been around for a few decades now.

I learned this in a workshop put on in my quilting group. The instructor had many vintage examples, from picture block quilts to tea towels to unused pieces of finished embroidery.

This is quite easy for beginner embroiderers to enjoy since only one stitch is the core of all the lines: backstitch. I have also used some chain stitch and a bit of stem stitch where I personally wanted heavier lines.

All this stitching is one with just one or two strands of floss.

This workshop was offered back in June, I believe. I was in the midst of the Skittle Quilt and the Maternity Goddess Gown creation. You can imagine why this particular picture caught my eye ;) All I could think about was my daughter’s imminent motherhood and her baby girl’s arrival. I broke out of the coral/lime/blue scheme of her nursery, and after choosing coral for the baby I went with the teal-ish tones for the mommy butterfly, which have been Sam’s favored colors (all things remotely teal) for almost a decade now.

I tinted more heavily than is usual for this technique — pale hints of color are what is normally done. But, you know, COLOR IS GOOD! :)

Happy Tuesday!


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