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Oven Dried Tomatoes!

I LOVE Costco.  Like love it.  If I have the time, I’d go walk all the aisles any day.  It never gets old.

But there is this problem.  When I’m at Costco, I just start dreaming of all the ways I could use the products there….

20 grapefruits?  No problem… I’ll eat them for breakfast and broil some for dessert!

20 pounds of potatoes?  Make potato soup and mashed potatoes for the freezer.

A gazillion cherry tomatoes?  Sure… I’ll eat them for a healthy snack every day.

Except… these dreamy ideas don’t always go according to plan.  Hence the almost-full package of wrinkly cherry tomatoes…

But even though things don’t go according to plan, it just forces me to come up with more creative ways to use the excess of food I bought!  I’m not letting it all go to waste!

So this time, since my tomatoes already seemed to be drying out in the fridge, I figured I’d try oven-drying them!  Like sun-drying… in the winter!  :)

I halved them and popped them in the oven on warm for upwards of 6 hours!

And now I’ve got this awesome concentrated tomato flavor!

Which will go perfectly in pasta tonight with some fresh basil and parm!!


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