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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  Are you dressing up today??  My little family is lying low tonight and answering the door to the handful of neighbor kids who venture up the big hill to our doorway.

This morning Abbi and I ventured out to a little harvest party with her dressed as… none other than a little pink Skittle of course!  Mom will include a few photos tomorrow as a follow-up to her post yesterday all about Abbi’s costume!

We’ve been so busy around here we didn’t carve pumpkins this year… which I LOVE to do.  HOWEVER… i only LOVE to do it when someone else will clean out the guts for me!  I’m a little squeamish when it comes to squishy gross things in my hands.  Textures weird me out.  lol

So instead of carving pumpkins, I did get this little collection of colorful pumpkins as my tribute to fall decorations.

But I tell ya… I might be one of those people who wants to decorate early for Christmas this year.  ;)

And here’s Aaron’s contribution to fall decor… his pretty little Habaneros all in various stages of ripening.  He picked the last of them the other night after it froze outside for the first time.

Anyway, thought they’d make for a pretty picture.

Have a fun and safe night tonight!


  • admin - Sam, I love your pumpkins and squashes! Do we get to cook and eat them when I stay with you next week? Please? –Gail/mom/blog-partner10.31.2013 – 5:53pmReplyCancel

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