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What’s Up Wednesday: Tatting


I picked up my tatting again after 2 years.

Practiced some more on my class project from … 4? years ago. I reserved it for a warm-up item. Time to start another. I’ve never really considered myself more than just the adventurous beginner that walked out of that class!

Then I worked on this snowflake, which may or may not be salvageable. Plus the pattern is … somewhere. Else.

Decided to try working with some smaller thread. From size 10 to size 30 is a big jump. Too big. I ditched any try at a pattern and just did stuff to get the feel for it.

I am amused by the way this looks like doodling in all its curliness …

Suggestion: do not begin working with microscopic materials for the first time while sitting under stadium lights in the dark watching soccer in 40F weather if it requires fine motor skills and high attention. Or counting. Not a good combination.

However, this size 20 thread, on an airplane, with a new-to-me style of tatting shuttle seems to have worked out just fine.

My practice flower.

Greetings from ARIZONA!!!


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