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What’s Up Wednesday! Get Linked: Gift Boxes

I love containers: useful or cute, preferably both! Large or small, colorful or naturally neutral; upcycled, DIY or fresh from some factory. I’ve let out a lot of “squeeee”s over boxes, bowls, and baskets!

There are a couple ideas churning around in the back of my mind for which I will need some type of packaging or container, so my best e-friend Google and I got busy and gathered up some samples.

But first, more of “What’s Up” with we 2 of 2create! Just took a road trip with Sam and Abbi to visit my husband’s mom and dad across the state. Abbi got to meet another set of great-grandparents, get hugged and snuggled (probably more than she was ready for and I’m a major culprit LOL) It got our posting schedule delayed more than usual, but it was a fun time with 4 generations :)

Now, on with the boxes…

1. Folding up this box is a piece of cake? Wait, the BOX is a piece of cake. What fun it would be to do the embellishing! Pattern available for purchase by clicking the photo. Creations by AR

Here’s another small, one-piece cake box template and picture instructions for some polymer clay adornments. There’s writing, too (if you can read Russian!) By Anna Oriana.

2. A peek into a pyramid, if you actually put the window in this gift box. I’m thinking Christmas tree ornaments all of a sudden. From the Sassafras blog — click the pic!

3. A freebie template for a small cheery basket. I really like the shape of this one! mygrafico.com Digital Arts and Crafts store has a lot of box templates to offer; go through to this pattern by clicking the picture.

Β NOTE of advice: obviously my mind is NOT filtering these by their appropriate season of the year! Imagine them all in fall, winter, or your favorite upcoming holiday colors and themes.

4. Strawberry shaped favor box that made me wonder about enlongating it for the look of one of those old-fashioned blown glass tree ornaments.

5. This style is a little different and relies on the ribbon at the top to hold it together. You also get instructions on how to make your own pattern, in case you want very large or very small ones. From createstudio blog — go there by clicking the photo.

6. Some geometric genius going on with these from Ruffled, the blog. Click through to the blog to see all three shapes clearly!

7. Hexies are so popular! Check out this envelope you can make!

Once you’ve made a few different types of these paper boxes, it probably isn’t difficult to modify them into different proportions. That’s another idea that popped into my head halfway through this google-session. Hmmm! *crafty eyebrow tilt*

Have a favorite? Tell us in the comments!


  • Teresa - I love them all but the hex envelope is my fav.10.16.2013 – 10:14pmReplyCancel

  • Sam - Oooo! I like number five! Simple, but cute and very adaptable to different sized little presents!10.16.2013 – 11:44pmReplyCancel

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