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A Daily Dose of Family

A daily dose of (extended) family is what I prescribe for my darling grandaughter, and this is the project that’s going to accomplish that.

I reserved an area of wall space in Abbi’s nursery a while back, and it has been sitting blank so far. Not that blank walls are a bad thing, but knowing that I had this project planned, it has seemed VERY blank when I am there! I haven’t told Samantha anything about the project, just that she’d see it here for the first time :)

So, Sam, this is it. This is what goes between the door and the closet. Here is where you can tuck pictures of Grandma and Grandpa and Nona and Papa, and uncles and aunties and cousins and greats…

And to get you started, I’ll be delivering this with a complete set of grandparent photos included! No self-serving motives here; not at all ;)

I used fabric from the Skittle Quilt Collection (yes, I’ve given that pile of fabric it’s own title.) Push pins, a tape runner, and then some hot glue got the job of securing the fabric done. Β This was the first time I’ve hot-glued in YEARS!Β (I am glad I took that picture lower right above — I obviously needed to fix some tight spots to get a nice even edge all around before putting the ribbon on.)

Arranging the ribbons went far more smoothly than I anticipated. It took some doing to find and get just the right one, but this silver-gray satin ribbon will go with the grays in Abbi’s nursery. Β More push pins and sewing straight pins held ribbon in place while I hot-glued some more… I never burned my fingers once (but don’t ask about stuff that got glued unintentionally :/)

There are two layers of polyester batting and then a firm smooth thin batting (Warm n’ White) as a top layer under the fabric; spray adhesive came in handy for that preliminary step. I wanted it extra puffy, so that when I tied the buttons down at the ribbon intersections — yikes, my poor fingers! — it would become quite 3-dimensional.

Mission accomplished — lots of puffy dimension and snug ribbon to hold photos securely.

I dug into my button collection and actually put some to use! Buttons: they’re not just for buying, pawing through, and admiring ;)

Sewing through foam core board is doable with a beefy chenille needle and a needle puller if you have a lot to do. I sewed these with perle cotton, and put a snip of thick acetate from some packaging waste so that the ties could not pull through the foam core.

The buttons will be yet another feature to look at and talk about, but I don’t think Abbi will lack for extended family photos for this board’s main purpose. It will be just one way in the coming years to keep us all close to her heart.



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