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WIP: More Newborn Fabric Pages

No finished project to show today, just progress making more pages for Abbi’s book, explained here.

Now that she’s approaching 2 months, her vision is better and she’s becoming fascinated by faces. So it is time for a few new pages with faces, and more brightly colored patterns to grab and keep her attention.

Of course, that meant I had to find some fabrics with good faces on it. And of course, THAT meant I had to go fabric shopping. It always breaks my heart to have to drag myself into a fabric store. NOT! I barely got any fabrics other than for this project. Barely. If you’re me. ;)

Faces are definitely capturing Abbi’s attention. On a long car ride last week, I was able to distract her from her fussiness by letting her see herself in my camera phone. It was pretty special :) I love modern technology!

Really, this is also one of the ways I can help Sam. There aren’t a lot of toys that can keep a young infant engaged, so if these help Sam be able to have a few extra minutes to work, then Hurray!

I literally had to make myself stop and put this bit of progress up on the blog — I was so absorbed I was losing track of time.



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