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Take a Little Time

Today I’m putting this in the ‘Life & Style’ category instead of under ‘Eat Drink & Dessert’.  Not because that isn’t food up there… it obviously is.  (umm, was?  it’s now in my belly…)  But, because this post really has nothing to do with what I made myself for lunch.

Well, it does, I guess… but not in the sense that I’m telling you how to make a delicious panini for yourself.  But that some days you need to do just that… make a delicious panini for yourself!  Or make a fancy coffee, or bake yourself some cookies…

…whatever makes your heart happy, not just your stomach.  :)

This panini maybe took me two minutes longer to make than just a regular ol’ sandwich, but it made me far happier.  And Abbi actually stayed asleep long enough that I could enjoy it hot off the press!

With a to-do list a mile long this week, I’m really trying to fit in these little things to keep my spirits up.  :)  And you should too!

PS… this ‘little thing’ doesn’t hurt either  ;)


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