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Wednesday Forgetfulness!

EEK! It’s my Wednesday! Here’s a peek at the 6 most imagination-inspiring things from my Pinterest feed just now!

I adore this Wall Tree!


It would be difficult to be the first person to scoop into this cutey!


I love being hyper-caffeinated! On coffee most of all. (In reality, it happens quite rarely these days)



Snowmen in the Woods pattern from Quiltmaker. I like this picture because it’s all gray instead of the original blue-ish look. It looks good with grays! I might make this with grays!


Β Stuffed with a ground turkey mixture, these veggie wrapped packets — ravioli — look like a fun change up. Full recipe and preliminary ingredient pictures on the click through!


Now that’s an idea I can consider doing to my beloved Snickerdoodles. pet peeve alert —> Remember, REAL Snickerdoodles have cloves in the sugar-rolling mixture!

Disclaimer: No promises that the links go anywhere once you hit Pinterest; I know that the wall tree doesn’t because I spent 30 minutes doing image searches. My apologies to the original creative minds, and please let me credit you!

What’s your inspiration today?


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