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Every year, shortly after my birthday is my mom’s birthday. Funny how that works! This is the tag that will accompany her present this Friday. She’s not totally into fall colors, and it is her birthday, after all, so I didn’t go completely fall. I loved the look of the peachycolors hanging out with some pinks!

If you follow us on facebook, you probably saw me mention that I’m moving all my papercrafting stuff into a ScrapRack. Even though my ~studio~ is still under (stalled out) renovation, I’ve made enough progress with this pile of containers that I was able to grab everything, either out of the ScrapRack or out of the much-smaller pile of stuff that remains, in about one minute! That was THRILLING!

The sun was peeking in and out of the clouds, and I was captivated by the reflections on the satin ribbon and flowers (you’ll see the ribbon in a minute.) You know, me + fabric = some kind of positive reaction :) Speaking of the sun, it was playing with my glue…

Next came some nice gold letter stickers. I use a piece of empty sticker-backing paper to position any word I will be placing. Then it is a simple matter to stick down the top edge of the word, and slide the sticker paper away, leaving the whole word lined up. Thank you for this trick, whoever showed it to me (I think my friend Sherry H.)

Had to add the bling — the mix of rhinestones and the pearls seemed to make this a little more sophisticated than all rhinestones, especially with that one glittery flower.

Just pile them on, right? Today it seemed that the saying, “The more, the merrier” applied to these embellishments!

The back of this paper journal tag is covered with a patterned cardstock, and the pink satin picot-edged ribbon runs the whole length. I will be doing more tags with a ribbon tail coming off the bottom end. I like the look a lot. It was one of those flashes of inspiration that make playing with my toys so rewarding :D

I grabbed an olive green organdy ribbon, two colors of narrow peach satin ribbon for the fiber flourish. Again, it was a “more the merrier” moment!

It is just the tag — I’d better be putting it on a gift that stands up to it!

Happy Birthday to “g-g-ma” as she’s calling herself. She’s thrilled to be a great-grandma to Skittle!


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