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Keep your Apples Cozy!

Have you ever heard of an Apple Cozy?  I hadn’t until last year, and then I was kind of confused… I mean, who wraps an apple in crochet?

But at the same time… they are kind of cute.  I mean, even the name is cute.  Apple Cozy.  Cozy Apples… yup, cute.

And supposedly, they are to protect the apple skin when you throw it in your lunchbox.  Seems logical…

Would I ever use it for that purpose?  Well, considering I never use a lunchbox, since I work from home… probably not.

And forget my husband ever using it, ha.  What man puts a crochet wrapped apple in their lunchbox.  ;)

However, I do think a few of these wrapped apples (maybe fake apples?) would be cute in a big vase on the kitchen counter as a fall decoration!

Want to make some for yourself?  Just google ‘Apple Cozy’ and you will find plenty of free patterns… or just wing it, like I did!


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