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Apple Hand Pies and Perfect Timing!

APPLE week!!  And of course I had to start it off by baking something, duh!

And thankfully, this little baby of mine has given me such perfect timing today!  I’ve managed to go grocery shopping, bake these, clean the kitchen, and now write my post (and change diapers, and nurse, and play during awake-baby time)… and it’s only mid afternoon!  This may not seem like such a big feat, but considering last week I could barely even take the time to get out the scrapbook paper, I’m feeling pretty dang successful!

I did however, make this recipe a little easier on myself, by using pre-made pie crusts and not peeling my apples!  I’m all for homemade pie crusts… duh… so much better.

But I didn’t want my ambition to get in the way of actually accomplishing this today!

The recipe said to make circles too, but honestly, I just wanted to maximize my pie crust area!

It’s all going to taste the same anyway!

And personally, I think they turned out pretty darn pretty anyway!

I’d say the start of Apple Week turned out pretty tasty!

I’m looking forward to munching a couple, and packaging some of for a few friends who helped us out this weekend!  A tasty treat to share!

And if you want to make these little beauties for yourself here is the link to the recipe again: CLICK HERE!


Speaking of perfect timing… finishing touches on the post, and my little lady is starting to wake up again!


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