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I find myself not being able to concentrate on anything the last few days. Oh, sure, if I am cooking I can follow through to make edible food. If I am reading, I can mostly stay tuned into the story.

I find myself distracted by waiting! I remember what it was like to be awaiting my first baby almost 27 years ago :) At least Samantha has a due date for Skittle — I didn’t for her, and the suspense was bad for my blood pressure LOL Oh, thank goodness the days when ultrasound was new technology have passed, and they’ll use it to target a mystery due date!

But Skittle, sweetie, your due date has come and gone, and we are all ready to begin the new chapter of our lives with you IN it!

I keep reminding myself — and have shared this with my I-can’t-believe-anyone-can-be-this-pregnant-without-it-being-twins daughter — that it isn’t like company that’s late and might eventually call and say they aren’t going to make it after all. Each moment that passes only makes Skittle’s arrival more and more imminent. Now? … now? … … maybe now?

So this suspense — when do I get the call to hop in my car and drive like a madwoman? — is messing with my concentration! LOL I certainly admire Sam’s ability to sew up the cute car seat/stroller cover this past weekend! I, however, with plenty of need-to-finish projects, am flitting.

So just for my blog post today I looked within and asked my creative center what seemed fun, interesting, and quick?

The answer was, “Just make something!”

Boom! Paints. Mini canvas. Jars of buttons. Eventually perle cotton and a honkin’ big chenille needle. I even cut up one of my plastic tape measures that happened to have the bad luck of being pink and within reach.

I had an afternoon of fun — fun that I could concentrate on! A distraction from my distraction.

I have a little piece of encouragement to hang on my ~studio~ walls. Little: 3″ x 3″ mini-canvas. Β It was a nice break from … now? … or now?

*Now* I need to go Β MAKE Β some dinner!

Gail, distracted grandma-to-be

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