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Not Your Ordinary Grandma’s Bracelet

Now that the Skittle preparations are complete at Sam’s house (and my supporting role has ended), I need to start getting my guest room ready to host not just Sam and Aaron, but a grandbaby, too! It’s not like we didn’t have 8 months notice or anything, but that’s how things go around here.

Before I got started on the guest room’s redo — yes, you’ll be seeing it here — I took some time to do a low-energy project. Low energy both physically and mentally; a nice break from the hours of sewing, planning, sketching, shopping, drilling, spraying, arranging … well, you get the idea. And that’s just been me!

I dug out my beads and jewelry making supplies and started to sort out some choices in Skittle’s nursery’s colors because those were the colors on my mind. Ummm, can you see that I got detoured?

Color! Pattern! Fun! I began getting detoured when I realized I didn’t have any coral beads. (I do, but that’s another story!) Then I reminded myself that I’m not the typical grandma-age woman, and that the colorful childlike items that were attracting my attention would be A-OK to use.

And then as the bracelet was taking shape I thought about how, in the not-so-distant future, Skittle and I could share little quiet times around this bracelet: identifying colors, shapes, telling fish stories, talking about flowers, and who knows what else.

And I think I’ll be wearing it 24/7 for now, until she arrives and the reality of fragile and precious infant hood means bulky or pokey jewelry gets set aside. For a while. And then we’ll snuggle and talk and look and imagine.

I can’t wait!


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