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Get Linked! Searching for Inspiration

I’m having a summer drought in my fields of creativity. I’m hard at work on projects already planned that you’ll see soon, but as for little pops of creative fun I’ve been sadly blank. :( So I went looking for inspiration. I love the internet for that!

We were just given a half-flat of gorgeous raspberries as a thank you, and I can’t wait to make this, even though the berries will not be frozen, I think it will work fine!


More berries, but with yeast…


Then there are blueberries coming right up… this recipe will need a little tweaking for my husband to enjoy, so that will be fun!


Tomatoes! I love tomatoes all the time, plus I have the ground sumac suggested as an optional topping for this lovely cucumber, radish, and tomato salad… Been looking for a place to actually use the stuff! I need to find recipes for the rest of the odd spices I bought at a visit to a Penzey’s store, too…


Here’s something useful during this heat wave. My cousin Diane was lamenting her weather: too hot for baking, but having a wish for something sweet. Maybe this will help!


Any season of the year, I love whole wheat English muffins – all those holes to hold melted butter and my homemade berry freezer jams! I have to give these a try…


Something colorful… like her whole blog! We like colorful around here :)


If you do any stamping, here are some new-to-me things to try… (and I like her art style)


Another colorful and beautiful creation by Robin Atkins, bead-master! I am a fan of her work, and that of her brother Thom Atkins who beads on quilts.


And everything coral-ish, lime-ish, and this blue is catching my eye because of Sam’s nursery for Skittle! I thought this was a sweet and fast colorful quilt…


I feel somewhat revived! Hurray!

I think you’ll be seeing some berry posts next week :)


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