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Prep Time!

I’m not sure if it’s that my ‘nesting’ instincts have really kicked into high gear, or that I’m just willing this baby to come sooner by trying to get lots done ahead of time… but it’s been full-steam-ahead baby prep mode around our house.

A week ago if you had asked my if I was ready for our little Skittle to arrive, I would’ve said no, not quite.  But boy how things change in a week.

Nursery floor went in, piles of baby stuff (SO generously given at our showers by friends and family) have been sorted and big stuff assembled.  I had my maternity photos done, and I also wrapped up my last work shoot as well.  Plus… I pulled an abdominal muscle, so that just adds a bit more uncomfortable to the list…

SO yeah, I’m ready.  Ok, not really ready… but so very very close.  If she decided to come at 37 weeks (only two weeks from now) instead of the full 40… I’d be ok with that.

So in line with this prep mode, Aaron and I put it on our list this week to defrost the big freezer in the garage and re-organize it.  And once it’s re-organized… it’ll be time to fill that puppy up with some new freezer meals we can pull out once Skittle does decide to grace us with her presence.  :)

In my online perusing of freezer meals… ya know… the prep work for my prep work… I found a few great links worthy of sharing…

This link is a How-To on stocking your freezer!  There are some great tips on things to keep in mind when picking your freezer meal menu and how to store all the goods!  PLUS… they compiled a little downloadable cookbook of freezer meals for you to pull from!  Score!

And talk about Scoring… this link on Slow Cooker Freezer Meals is like a triple SCORE… 8 recipes prepped in an hour, tips, and even a grocery list!!  Plus, it made meals for her family of four, so for just me and Aaron… we could get 16 freezer meals… YEAH BABY!

Plus… I’m considering going to a place like this… where they have done a lot of the prep and grocery shopping for you and you just have to assemble!  Wonder if I can fit that in before baby arrives?

Please comment with a link to your fave freezer meals if you’ve made some you LOVE!


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