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Sticky Note Obsession!!

I have this obsession with sticky notes.  I’m not sure when it started.  High school maybe?  Definitely sometime in college.

If you could have seen my desk last week.  Or really, anytime in the last few years, you would have seen it littered with sticky notes.  Reminders, to do’s, post ideas, work stuff, quotes that make me happy…

… on the desk top, stuck to the computer, under the keyboard, in between planner pages…

do you have an idea yet?

and no… I did not take a before picture.  because it just wasn’t pretty.

and I only buy pretty sticky notes… case in point…


I had this piece of glass lying around, so I made a kind of frame with some wood and metal brackets and adjustable mirror holders to hold the glass on.  And I strung some twine to create 6 different sections… and voila… a way to organize my sticky obsession!!

And it is SO much prettier!  Even Aaron agreed when he walked in to my office last night and saw it completed!  (Plus he was excited that the desk top wasn’t as messy… drives him nuts when he has to use my computer!)  ;)

One of these days I might show you my whole hobby room/office.  It’s been sitting in that post idea category idea for a while though…


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