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Quilt Group Nametag WIP

It’s finally Friday! I hope you have good plans for the weekend! I’ve got all kinds of sewing to do and a quiet house to do it in, so I am all set :) If the sun shines at any point, I’m throwing on my sneakers and going for a walk.

I need a name tag for my Thursday quilt group. This is the third time I’ve shown up and thought, “Oh, shoot! I didn’t make my name tag!” So I came  home and put together a little crazy pieced block and have spent just a little time embroidering it.

My name will end up on another piece of fabric, placed into the center box that I’ve basted the outline of, or maybe a little higher.

Notice how much bright pink I will be getting rid of when I sew it into its 4″ square final size!

I have some embellishment options picked out. We’ll see what this little square of crazy quilting wants to have done with it, once I get my main stitching done up.


I’m not done yet! (obviously) I hope to pull in the blue and lavender shown below.

Nope, definitely not done, and this is definitely not the Something Decadent and Chocolatey that I thought I would be posting today, but I’m ahead of Sam!

She’s unexpectedly without cable and internet due to some excavating going on in her backyard. If you follow us on facebook (link is up top, click on the [ f] !) you were treated to an instagram of a backhoe in action first thing yesterday morning. I’d be going through internet withdrawals!

Hopefully we’ll be able to see something from her on Monday. If not, when she shows up at my house that afternoon to work on the dress again, I’ll give her The Mom Look     >8-(     LOL, as if I’m in any position to speak about missing posts!

But then, what are moms for, right?


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