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Sequel: Just as Bad, but also a Bit Better

I’m pretty absorbed by this dress right now. I got to the point I needed to achieve today while it was still light outside. Very unusual for THIS late-night sewist, I tell you! I thought the setting sun looked kind of cool glaring through my tools and making shadows on the chiffon. Which I don’t quite hate as much as I used to. This is Nice Chiffon, albeit a bit wrinkly at the moment.

I did a few non-dress creative tidbits you can see at the bottom of the post though :) So if you aren’t a sewist, or you do alterations yourself, skip to the bottom.

Oh, and a reminder — I write half my info in my hovertext. In case you want more. *rolling eyes at self*

Yesterday we left off with the skirt’s waistband ready to be put back together, then attached:



Ta Da, the bottom half of the dress looks like it should (as long as you don’ t look at the zipper still half unstitched, I guess.) It’s about 4 1/2″ smaller around than before. Perfect.

On to the bodice.

It also needs to be 4″ – 5″ smaller around at the waistband.

Take it apart — it got far more “apart” than this, but I was in the groove and didn’t take a picture. Let’s just say there were a lot more parts in the “apart!”

You can’t just make the waistband smaller, you have to make the bodice that hooks to the waistband smaller, too. We don’t want the bustline to become smaller!!! No, no, no, not in a maternity dress!

I made put that extra fabric right where it needed to go: into the bust gathers. There’s a great big tuck, and some new gathering. Look right above our blog logo.

And in the fascinating close-up below:

Then I started basting it all back together. Basting, not permanent sewing. That means its messy, too, because I did it Just To Get The Job Done. When we fit this onto Sam <today — Wednesday> it will be easier to make adjustments because the basting stitches come out quickly.

But you can’t try on a dress when it is in two parts — there are still too many parts in the “apart!”

So then I had to baste the bodice and skirt together. That got very very messy inside. But it will do for the trying on and the playing with fabric that is our Wednesday agenda. (That, and watching her backyard be transformed by heavy machinery — eek)

Heading towards “Beauty”…

But the inside is definitely “Beast!”

The dress is getting better. Hopefully Sam and I will be happy because it actually fits her better! But it will be SO MUCH better when it is done! Can’t wait to show you. But not on Friday. Friday I will probably show you something decadent and chocolatey, because I’m going to need it ;) No promises, though!

Now, some other tidbits.

Here are the other stretching-the-definition-of creative things I have to show you. The new bookcase for our games was delivered today, and I arranged it. Yes, it is more functional than Trendy Decor, but still… it could look worse ;) On Sunday, I made a centerpiece for Father’s Day dinner with herbs on my slate … thing… cheeseboard that’s never seen cheese. The herbs are a little wilty today, but still worthy. And it smells great!


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