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Cupcake Break

So I’ve been working on this crochet slipper pattern for you, and that was going to be my post today.  But then… work was busy, the pattern isn’t quite perfect yet, I was hungry, Skittle wanted sweets, and this new cupcake shop opened not even three minutes from my house.  Can you see where this is headed?


Yeah… I went and got cupcakes instead of finishing the pattern.  (Don’t worry… you’ll get it on Monday)  Plus… it left me way more time to finish some work I needed to get done today because I have a client viewing session tonight.  PLUS… Don’t you think my clients are going to be way happier when I bring them not only their finished images, but some cupcakes tonight?  Duh… I’d be happier.  ;)

So now my dilemma is this:

I’ve eaten two already, I’m bringing my clients two… how many do I leave for my husband?

(Skittle may need another one later…)



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