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Our Winter Color Scheme was just not working anymore.  It’s funny to me how something that feels so warm and comforting in the winter, can suddenly feel so dark and drab once the sun starts to peek through the rain clouds more often!  SO… hello SPRING and SUMMER… we invite you to stay and be happy and take over the color scheme on the blog!!

Well, ok… I had to go make all those behind-the-scene changes, but it certainly made me happy!  In fact this fresh spring weather in general is certainly making me happy!

I even helped Aaron with some yard work today… which if you know me is a big deal.  Like, I’d-rather-scrub-ten-toilets-than-pull-one-weed, kind of big deal.  (And if you know me I hate scrubbing toilets too… HA.)  But it was such a gorgeous morning that I didn’t mind keeping Aaron company and helping move a whole bunch of firewood!

Anywho… this color scheme was picked from this post I wrote last summer (a post that made me very happy).  Are you sensing a theme yet…

HAPPY Monday!


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