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Arizona Sunset

I mean you can’t really beat a photo of a silhouetted cactus against the sunset right?  This was the whole reason I brought my fancy camera with me to Arizona, and in fact the only time I used the fancy cam verses cell phone snapshots.

Was it worth hauling the big camera bag, extra memory cards, batteries and all the other shtuff that travels with my camera through the airports while having to deal with my other carry-on and a preggo belly??  Absolutely!!  No way I could’ve taken a photo like that on my phone!

Speaking of phone pictures…

Neener, neener, neener… sundresses and pool time and In-n-Out Burger!  (Have you tried the burgers ‘Animal Style’ yet?!?!  NO?!?  DO IT… I’m never going back.)

If you live in Arizona, like my sister (aren’t we cute in our coral dresses?)… then this might not be so amazing to you… but for all my Seattle friends who had 50degrees and RAIN while me and the bestie were on vacay… HA!  :D

OK… back to the fancy cam photos.  The best part about sunset… it’s not just the sunset that is awesome to take photos of.  I swear everything else looks better too!  Flowers and plants glow in that magical light!

Ooo… and shadow pictures are fun too.  When I was downloading the hundred or so photos I took… about 30 of them were of our three shadows on our little sunset hike, haha.

I had an AWESOME time on vacation and am so glad I got a chance to enjoy some HOT weather before this little heater inside me makes me too uncomfortable to enjoy it thoroughly!


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