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Hot Weather and Stretchy Waistbands!

Stretchy waistbands have become a necessity!!  At 21 weeks preggers, I can no longer button anything… ha  ;)

ALSO… I’M IN ARIZONA!!  Yup, it is my turn to visit my sis!!   …so hot weather (it’s in the upper 80s/low 90s here) plus needing some stretchy bottoms that weren’t jeans meant that my first solo project on my sewing machine was going to be a skirt!!

The photos above were taken on Easter in my front yard where we got a nice little glimpse of spring.  Nevermind the goofy faces… I’m great behind the camera but sometimes feel a little silly on the other side.

I used this Maxi Skirt Tutorial that I purchased off Etsy after reading some great reviews of beginner sewers!  And of course… because I was a beginner sewer it took me about 4 hours… most of which was actually spent trying to figure out how to cut it out because I was a tad bit short on fabric.  Thankfully, I managed, and this reversible knit got turned into a skirt!  I loved using the other side of the fabric for the waistband… a nice contrast don’t ya think?  I think next time it would probably only take me an hour or so to make one, so when I’m back from AZ I may just do that!

See… that stretchy waistband certainly comes in handy!!  See you next week… with a tan ;)



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