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Spring Sewing!

Woohoo!  Spring has finally arrived in Western Washington… there is nothing like sunshine and warmer weather to make everything awesome!  Last week and over the weekend, I did some spring cleaning and then started on some new sewing projects in prep for Spring and our Easter celebration!

So to kick off our SEWING WEEK (that’s right… a whole week of sewing and fabric projects here on the blog!), here is my attempt at some Spring Napkins!

This is only the second sewing project I’ve attempted on my own.  And while the directions are fairly straight forward (find them here)… I should have known they would take me longer than I estimated.  So while my goal was to make a full set of 16 (the number of dish sets I have), that quickly got revised.  First it got revised to 11… which was how many of us there would be for Easter dinner at my house.  And while I probably could have finished them in time… to avoid being super stressed and acting like a crazy person I decided to just make 5… one of each color, and use them as mats under my centerpieces.

I am so glad I made that decision!  It made my Easter day go so much smoother and I was able to enjoy all my time with my family instead of start the day frazzled from trying to finish them!!

And don’t they look cute on my table?!

Ok… but don’t look toooo close, because while I still think they are super cute… they are still only my second sewing project so there are definitely some mistakes here and there!  Plenty of time to get better when I complete the set and can use them for the rest of spring and summer!

With that… welcome to Sewing Week and Happy Spring!!  Hope you all had a great Easter!





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