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More Easter Eggs: Pink!

You’ll surely forgive me for having pink on the brain after Sam’s news yesterday! There’s going to be another girl in our family tree! I am allowed a day or two to think pink before I move into the bright and colorful modern girl palette, aren’t I?

Coming from a family of 3 girls, having a family with 2 girls (and one boy — outnumbered!), the fact that another girl will soon be on the scene seems totally normal. I think Sam’s hubby is probably doing some adjusting since he has no sisters ;)

Last night I finally got around to sorting and storing that bin full of paper scraps mentioned here.Β  All was going well until I ran out of 2-gallon zip bags. I was short by one, so as I was trying to decide what to do about that, I realized the pile o’ pink Β paper was calling my name!

I put all the other colors away, then settled down to leaf through the big bits of pink and little bits of pink…

Suddenly another easter egg popped into my head! What IS IT with these striped, patterened Easter egg designs that I am obsessed with this year??

This one was probably inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. Oh, well! I just went with the flow and cut some pink paper strips to play with.

Another computer clip art template for my egg shapes; some careful trimming of 4 of them; some arranging, some gluing…

Happy me :)

I expect that I’ll make these into cards… whether I trim the remainging three down to egg-shaped like the first one, or cut mats to lay over them (as I simulated with the computer paper) I don’t know yet.

Something will come to me by Easter! And if not, I still had a lot of fun playing with pink paper :)


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