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Easter Egg Mug Rug

I did something this morning that I rarely do. I woke up early. And got up. And STAYED up.

I love to sleep in and do it regularly. It helps you survive when you are as much of a night owl as I am. But this morning when my hubby kissed my 100% Asleep cheek before he left for work, instead of hitting about 80% on the Awake Scale and immediately sinking back down into unconsciousness, I woke all the way up!

Why? I had to make this mug rug. Had to!Β It floated in and out of my subconscious thoughts all day yesterday, and then haunted my dreams. So when I woke up even that little bit, I had to get up and make it NOW.

Like, yes, at the ungodly hour of 5:23 am. It was still dark! This is not my time to be awake and doing stuff! Ummm… well, unless I’ve stayed up all night and am still doing. I thought it necessary to include proof of this aberration, above.

I didn’t even make coffee first! *gasp* Well, I wanted a pretty latte to show off this project with in the pictures I would be taking, so I decided to wait. *shock*

I know, right? Who was this person and what has happened to Gail???

I got out my stash of ribbons and trims and pawed through them for a pile of possibles. Snagged the first piece of Easter fabric I found — green background, HA! Grabbed a scrap of thin woven fabric as a foundation for rows and rows of ribbons and trims, then stitched them on.

Then I needed an egg template. Not being up for drawing my own at that time of the morning — still dark, no coffee, hellooo! — I headed for the house computer, found a clip art egg in Word, made a couple changes and then printed it out in the size I wanted. (And ate some raisin bread toast. Mmmm! But no coffee.)

Layered my ribbon set, some Insul-Bright (not loving this stuff much) and that Easter fabric; pinned and trimmed around the template; then set up for a nice zig zag edge on my regular sewing machine.

I do not serge curves well (with my serger/overlocker), even at my best. Dawn is not anywhere near my best. I consider it my best decision of the morning to stick with the regular sewing machine. Except maybe having that raisin bread toast. That was an excellent decision also.

Tech note: I used a size 100/16 Jeans/Denim needle with Signature brand size 20 Egyptian Cotton variegated thread (available at JoAnn.) The color is Tropical Brights. I loosened the top tension and did several inches of samples/practice on my scraps.

After finishing off the edge of the egg-shaped mug rug, and using a hand-sewing needle to bury the thread tails, I FINALLY got to go make myself a latte! The sacrifices I make for blogdom. But then I couldn’t drink it until I took pictures, but as you have probably figured out, I did survive the ordeal. Barely.

Bonus project: My sugar jar rarely has JUST white sugar in it. Add one or many colored sugars for the holiday or season. Makes things just a bit more festive, everyday. Doesn’t take much!

So this was my morning adventure. I like my Easter Egg Mug Rug. I will use it for at least the next 8 days. Maybe the Striped-dotted-flowered-rickracked Easter Egg Imagining will cease now. I guess you’ll soon see if it doesn’t :)

My latte was delicious. A little on the cool side, but delicious.

Happy Saturday. I’m taking a nap now.


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