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A Skittle Photoshoot!

Literally… today I had a photoshoot with some Skittles.  And not just any Skittles… these were of the tropical variety!  Yeah, they are pretty special.  (hmm… were… as of now they are  in my stomach) :p

Why?  (you ask, puzzled…)  Well, you’ll have to come back on Monday for the answer.  And an awesome answer it is going to be!

Beyond that though I wanted to share a couple little pullbacks from shoot today…

Why dig out the tripod when you can use a step stool, a box waiting for the recycle bin, a seasoning packet from the pantry, and a shoe that was readily laying on the floor nearby?  :D

And that’s all I’m going to say!  Not only do you have to wait til Monday… but so do I…

(cryptic, I know)


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