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The best day to eat fried dough?

The best day to eat fried dough?  Duh… any day!  Especially when I can eat it the same day it is made!  YUMM.

Roll it in some sugar and add some vanilla cream and we can just call it a party in my tummy!  (Complete with happy dance around the kitchen to burn off a few of those calories…HA)

Recipe: Found here on the Brown Eyed Baker Blog.

Filled doughnuts have always been my favorite, so the idea of making this recipe in the convenience of my own home was VERY appealing.  Plus then, the clerk at the grocery store couldn’t judge me for buying a whole dozen of filled doughnuts… for myself.

However, I didn’t quite make these at my house… I made these at Mom’s house because, well… this recipe obviously has to be fried… and I’m not investing in a fryer (way to dangerous to my health in combination with baking self-control… or lack thereof). :)  AND… she already owns one.  Bingo!

<<Insert Drooling Here>> as you scroll down through our process photos…

If you inspect the photos a few above, you can see we had some trial and error issues.  Some were pretty, some were flat… they ALL still tasted DELICIOUS!  For the flat ones we just frosted the doughnuts with the cream instead of filled it… problem more than solved!!

I think I was on a sugar high for a couple days, and am just coming back to my un-fried reality.  darn!

(hmm, that fryer just started sounding more appealing…)


  • admin - DON’T BUY THE FRYER! lol … because the second batch I made AFTER you went home was … far too edible! –Gail/mom/blog-partner03.18.2013 – 3:02pmReplyCancel

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