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Look! I did it!

What did I do, you ask?!  I actually used my sewing machine!  And I made a tote bag!!!

Do I need another tote bag?

…well… probably not.

In fact when I told Aaron that’s what I made I could hear his eyes rolling over the phone.  LOL.  The back of his side of the closet may or may not be filled with my bags in all their various sizes and shapes.  But, but… hmmm.  I guess I don’t really have an excuse besides the fact that I needed to get over the hump and figure out how to use my new machine.

And maybe I should stop calling it my new machine, it is almost six months old now and yet… all I’ve made is this super basic tote bag.

In my defense… it is better than carrying the machine to the dining room table, plugging it in, staring at it, and then putting it away again.  So Aaron should be proud right?  I mean, I had to figure out how to use it somehow.  :P

And LOOK at those pretty stitches my machine can make!  And I figured out which buttons to press to make it do that!  (Thank you Mom, for actually reading the manual.  HA.)

Super basic… but I can see all sorts of baby toys being crammed in there in a few months when we take baby to Mom’s for her to babysit.  ;)

Phew, now I can move on to something a little more exciting!  Maybe a skirt that will fit my preggers belly, fit my budget (maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE), and fit when i go to Arizona in 2.5 WEEKS!!!


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