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Sweet Tooth

I’m going to make this post somewhat short and SWEET!  HA.  Get it?  Ok, corny I know…. but true.

I have had the biggest sweet tooth since I got pregnant.  I’ve always loved sweets, but this has just been insane.  I could eat ice cream and cookies all day long, and sometimes I kinda do (don’t worry I eat my fair share of carrots and broccoli and healthy stuff too… gotta balance it out some how).

So when the sweet tooth struck this morning… yes, morning (10AM), and I was still scrambling for what to post today I decided to make one of these Mug desserts that Mom and I have been pinning lately.

We have tried this once before with a couple of other recipes with varied success, but I had high hopes for this one… I mean… it had NUTELLA in it so it had to be decent.  ;)

For the actual recipe and step by step instructions visit this page on Number 2 Pencil’s Blog.

Believe me… you will want to click that link…

…because this is success in a mug right here.  Not only did it super satisfy my sweet tooth, but there was minimal dishes and clean up and not a whole batch of cookies tempting me throughout the rest of today!

Note… the recipe suggested peanuts on top as an option… I may have added a smattering of Heath toffee bits instead, which gave the top of my cookie a nice caramel and almond coating.

Enjoy attending to your sweet tooth now!!


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