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One of my favorite things to do when I make a card is to scour the interwebs to find the perfect quote to fit whomever i may be giving the card to.  In this case I was making a bday card for my bestest girl friend, and I needed a quote about friendship and I wanted it to have the word “key” in it because I had gotten her this gorg, antique-looking necklace that had a key on it.  Well… Success!!  I LOVE this quote and knew it would be the feature on the card I made for her.

Since the quote was more than one little line I decided I wasn’t leaving it to my handwriting (as good as I can be at copying pretty scripts sometimes).  So I opened up photoshop, created a doc that was the size I wanted the feature of my card, plus margins and then played around with fonts.  Note I played around with “key” since it was the key to linking my card and gift.

The fonts I settled on were: Strawberry Limeade for the majority of the quote, Scribble Box for the word “key”, and Caviar Dreams for the credit.

Then I chose some pretty paper.  Yay!  My favorite part: PAPER!!  I wanted to point out the surfboard paper.  While I love the surfboards and will probably use them on a page for a tropical vacation, I think it can be important to look at the other parts of some of the patterned paper.  The upper corner had this beautiful distressed script that was light enough I wanted to use it underneath my quote!  Don’t be afraid to use paper for parts!

Next step: I did some test prints so I could figure out how my printer would align the quote, temporarily taped down the part of the surfboard paper I wanted to use, printed and trimmed to final size!

Embellishments!!  My next favorite part of card making after paper!  Flowers and brads to match!  (Again, top left photo, cut out each corner of that paper because I liked how the distressed corners looked!)

Put it all together, write a little note and call it good!  Pretty card for a pretty great friend!  :)

Happy Monday – Sam

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