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Out of the House!

Ok.  Here is the thing:  I love creating.  Obviously… I wouldn’t be a co-blogger here if I didn’t.  But while I think it is important to get creative and try to do it often I think it is equally important to ditch it all and get out of the house!

Which is why we created the Life & Style Category on our blog because sometimes you just need to blog about something besides being creative.

Last weekend it was SO beautiful here!  And after rain and gloom we HAD to take advantage and ditch our plans and just get out and go exploring.  We had a great adventure with our pup and it felt so invigorating to get some fresh air!  It felt like Spring!

And while yes, I did bring the camera, and I did end up with some creative photos… I was trying to capture how gorgeous that day felt and document it! (Not to take creative photos so I could turn them into a blog post!)

That day it was definitely time much better spent outside with my family than cooped up in my craft room.  :)

Have you had any adventures lately?


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