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Dino Birthday Poster for who??

We have a dinosaur fan in our family. This family member often states that they want to be a dinosaur when they grow up. It’s not who you might think.

I have a son, and he’s the youngest at 20. He’s not the dinosaur fan.

My dino fan is a daughter. A “dino-mite” daughter who just turned 23 on Wednesday!

I made this dino poster for Becca just for the fun of it. A bit of refrigerator art to bring with me on my visit.

I used my Cricut to cut the layered shapes; did a little editing with my scissors on the T-Rex because EVERYONE KNOWS ferocious dinos need to have bloody fangs! (I’ve seen more than my share of dinosaur-chicken-nuggets dipped in catsup just-so.) All shapes, words, letters are from the Basic Cakes Cartridge.

I spent a couple days playing around with the layout. I finally glued everything down, took some pics, and then my son used plastic wrap to snug it onto my computer to keep it flat and safe during my trip to AZ.

Here I am again in Arizona! Aaaah, the sunshine and warmth! But mostly, Aaaaah the daughter-hugs, the birthday dinner, the yarn (and grocery) shopping, and the time and space to just be together.


Happy 23rd Birthday, Becca, my dino-mite daughter!

Stay tuned for another Pie Crust Lesson on Tuesday the 12th! Baking a crust “blind” and chocolate cream pie filling!


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