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Rotten Apples…

Ok, so they aren’t quite rotten… but you know how produce can get when you forget it is in your fridge for a while?  These apples of mine had become fairly bruised and beaten, but I didn’t just want to toss them.  And eating around the bruises was obviously just too much work. ;)

Crock Pot Applesauce to the rescue!

This is so easy by the way.  First… cut the apples. (I used 8 pink ladies)

BTW… I’m too lazy to cut apples the traditional way.  It’s never made sense to me, just cut around the core instead… duh.  I’ve converted most of my family to cutting apples this way.  (If you feel like you are wasting apple around the core, you can always nibble around the edges!)

Then… on to the seasoning of the apples.  Add lemon juice!  I squeezed in about half a very juicy lemon’s juice.

And then… I got sidetracked.  Because lemon made me think of lemon iced tea.  So I brewed some half-n-half lemonade/iced tea mix and made iced tea!  Yumm.  Instant gratification instead of waiting for the applesauce…

Besides the lemon, I added about 3 tablespoons of agave nectar (yes… I have jumped on the agave bandwagon… i love it!), and a small handful of brown sugar (maybe 1/4 cup+ packed).

Then stir it up and set the crock pot to low.

5 hours on low, and 2 hours on high (it was starting to get late and I knew I wouldn’t want to stay up forever…).  Stir occasionally.  It’s done when you stir it and it turns into applesauce.  LOL.

But seriously… none of this mashing business… you want it to cook long enough that the apples really start to break down.  Don’t worry you’ll still have some chunky-ness in there but it will be nice and soft and flavorful!

Chill and eat it!  (Or eat it straight out of the crockpot… I did that too)  ;)  I had a big bowl for breakfast this morning!!  Yummy!


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