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Doodle Stitching a Valentine

My embroidery supplies are taking over our family room. As usual, when I am working on a project I end up hauling out everything related… eventually it spreads out, takes over all horizontal surfaces in a room… I don’t know how that happens!

I’ve been working on learning some more advanced embroidery stitches in my quest to become a crazy quilter. As in, a person who makes Crazy Quilts. I know some of you read that and said, “you already ARE a crazy quilter!” Because, yes, I do some quilting, and most would agree (myself included!) that I’m a little crazy sometimes.

I am working through last year’s list of weekly embroidery stitches from TAST 2012. TAST stands for Take A Stitch on Tuesday, and it is a clever way that one of the world’s most talented crazy quilters, Β Sharon Bogon, helps people learn embroidery.

I actually started a little blog dedicated to this venture, as a place to post my pictures each week. That’s one of the wonderful parts of TAST — sharing, admiring, and getting advice from other stitchers, and making new friends! I’m determined this year to work through all 48 stitches and I already have some partners :)

Which brings me back to embroidery supplies. Spread out on the couch, coffee table, floor, computer table… it just happens!

And also what happens is this — I am likely to pick a random piece of fabric and doodle with thread if I have nothing else in my hands. I’m not quite done with this one. After seeing it through the camera, I can tell it needs a bit of help on the left. Oh, darn — more stitch doodling!

So I doodled with Valentine’s Day on my mind. A little pink and white. A bit of periwinkle silk ribbon left over from a long ago kit. A few strokes of an air-erasable fabric marker on some polyester faux-dupioni.

And my standard embroidery stitches. Nothing new here. But soon those new stitches I am learning will be part of my stitching vocabulary. I can’t wait!

So put some fabric in a hoop and stitch up a little Valentine for your love. Β Small projects like a handmade stitched Valentine are a good way to practice embroidery and to let yourself get creative!


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