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Two for One! (DIY Chalkboard Mirror +1 More)

Today I’ve got two things for you, scroll down if you are too impatient, because we are talking about the mirror first!

I REALLY wanted a floor mirror… but they are SO dang expensive.  And truthfully I don’t have the best spot in my house to put one so I couldn’t justify spending money on one when I didn’t even really have a good place to put it.  But i still wanted one.

The cheapest one I could find was 50 bucks at Walmart.  But, meh… it was cheap looking, and if I was going to get something cheap why not making something even cheaper for myself!

Introducing my floor chalkboard mirror!  4 bucks for a bathroom door mirror at Target. 14 bucks for a slab of wood, 5 bucks for chalkboard spray paint and 2 bucks for some brackets at Lowes.  And I was set! (for half the price!)

I took over the garage floor yesterday night to spray my board, that’s right… hubby had to park in the driveway (thankfully his car was not frozen this morning so he couldn’t be too upset)  ;)

It took a couple of coats to cover the board, and I’m actually glad that the individual little boards still show through.  I think it gives it character.  It says to dry for 24 hours, but once it was dry to the touch I brought it inside to dry by the fire and was pretty sure that accelerated the process.  So this afternoon I rubbed the whole thing down with chalk, per the instructions, and erased the majority off.  This finishes that “chalkboard” coating process.

Then I attached my cheap little mirror, and doodled a fun little frame!  I’m loving the idea that I can doodle and write on the frame!

Especially because of the real reason I wanted this mirror:

So I didn’t have to bug my hubby to take bump photos for the next 28 weeks!!!  :D  I’m preggers!!!  Hubs and I are SO excited!!  And we are expecting our little skittle at the beginning of August!

I of course want to document everything since this is my first pregnancy and frankly bathroom mirror photos can get tacky sometimes… and who wants tacky when you are showing off something SO exciting!!!  So I’m excited I have my chalkboard mirror to help me take some photos, plus I can add details!  Like dates, cravings, doodles… whatever strikes my fancy that day.  :)

And I promise, Mom and I won’t bombard all our posts with baby stuff BUT you can certainly expect some baby scrapbook pages and a few nursery decorations to be popping in now and then!

Til next week,


  • Skittle's Auntie - What an ADORABLE idea!!!! Love them and have been waiting for those bump pictures!!! <301.24.2013 – 4:46pmReplyCancel

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