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Work in Progress Wednesday: T-shirts!

If you’ve read my bio you know that I graduated from college with a degree in Architecture.  I don’t think that I mentioned I graduated from Washington State University though, although you may have caught on if you’ve been following us for a while.  Anyway… if you’ve ever met a WSU grad you may know that we love our school.  We have Cougar Pride even when our sports teams suck (which unfortunately they sometimes do).  And that brings me to the t-shirts… I think I have about 30 WSU related t-shirts.  And that is on top of the t-shirts I’ve been collecting my whole life: High school sports, jazz bands, running events, vacations… you name it, I probably have a t-shirt for it.

And of course, I can’t get rid of them.  Most of them are tied to specific memories, and well I know you can’t throw memories away, but I like the reminder these t-shirts bring.  SO… because I can’t wear 60 t-shirts… I decided to make them into a quilt!

I’ve seen quite a few examples on pinterest but I’m definitely still deciding how exactly I want to construct mine.  I know that I want to have different sized blocks, but I’m on the fence about whether I just want to sew the t-shirts together or if I want to have some sort of filler fabric or quilted binding or something throughout.

Now that I’ve gone through my shirts a couple of times I think I might try to layout a rough idea of a pattern.  And then… it’s cuttin time!  :)

I love the start of new projects!  :D


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