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Cute & Cozy Head Wrap!

Brrrr!  It is getting cold!  The low’s have been in the 20s this week, and I’ve been reluctant to venture out!

Well, maybe with my new head wrap at least my ears will be a little cozier!

I made a headband out of this yarn a few months ago, but the truth is… I haven’t worn it since.  The knot at the back of my head was too bulky for me, and it would just slip off my head.  I should’ve known because I’ve never been able to keep those kind of headbands to stay on.  My head must be shaped funny.  This however stays on my head great!  I think because it sits more back to front instead of up and down.  Make sense?

This pattern is so easy, just single crochet!  Mine was 16 stitches wide by 56 rows.  I did use a J sized crochet hook because I crochet tight and I wanted bigger stitches.  Basically crochet until your wrap stretches comfortably around your head!  (Stretches about 22in, but adjust for your head!)

I chose to trim mine with single crochets all around the outside in a coordinating color, but you don’t necessarily have to trim it.  I think it would be cute all one color too!

Then sew the two ends of your crochet together.  Pull the yarn ends and cinch it down as tight as you can and tie a knot.

Then take a length of yarn and wrap it around those cinched ends.  Wrap, wrap, wrap, and then tie it off in the back.  And you are done!  It looks like a bow, don’t ya think?!

I tried it on last night and actually wore it around for the rest of the night.  I think it would be super cute with your hair in a messy bun in the back too!

I also think it would be super cute to make a mini version for little ones!!

And you could totally customize it to your liking  Make it a little narrower, use other colors, make it striped… I have so many ideas, I might make another one!

Anyway, Happy Monday and I hope your head is as cozy as mine!  :)


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