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Zenspirations Monogram #1 G

Armed with my sketchpad and a handful of pencils and Micron pens, I left the house super-early this morning; my only task being to drive my husband to a doctor’s appointment, wait for an unbeknownst amount of time, and drive back.

Did you know that I can’t stand being bored? I  A~L~W~A~Y~S  take a book or pen/paper with me, at the least. I show up for weekends away with a tote bag of stuff dedicated to my down time, because my head doesn’t take down time. I want logic puzzles, sudoku, other stuff of that sort, or a good novel and usually a craft project or two and my computer.

I took one more thing with me this morning. My collection of printouts from sakura.com, showing Joanne Fink’s Zenspirations examples.

I mentioned on New Year’s Day that Sam and I were interested in these — I had just come across them and shared them with her while she was conquering the world NY Eve (Risk, the board game.)

I decided to give these a try, and of course (as you have seen by now!) I started with my favorite letter of the alphabet — G. It stands for my name, my favorite color (GREEN!), Go, Good, Great, Google (heh heh). I like G’s.

First a basic G, just how I always write them. Then, bulk it up a bit. I wrote myself a note just then — my G was going to roll backwards right off the page! A few pencil scribbles to balance things out, then … the scary part: the PEN!

I love Micron pens by Sakura. They’re great on fabric, paper, and almost anything else. Permanent, not fumy,  lots of colors and tip sizes, and always the highest quality. I used an 05 size, the pen I always start with!

So then I filled — some of her patterns and some spontaneous creations — and doodled, and swirled, and dotted. Had a grand time. My time was up JUST when I had gotten the letter to this point!

I was going to do another one. This was supposed to be my practice letter. But time, events, a nap, and life got in the way, and I kinda like how this one turned out.

I think that will do for a first attempt. But I can’t wait to do more!


  • Diane Johnston - I love it. I have never tried zentangle, but I think it is beautiful.11.14.2015 – 11:35amReplyCancel

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