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HAPPY 2013! A Look Back

Today it is my turn to show you my top posts of 2012. I didn’t really do “top” posts. I did more like “favorite” posts …   more like favorite project in some cases. And I brought back Frosty from a few days ago to get us started, just because he’s so… cheerful! Cheerful is a great way to start EVERY new year!


The Craft Room: WA to AZ Squares project (links below)

My Arizona Squares embroidery project gives me the biggest grins of all my blog posts this past year. It spans 5 posts currently 5  4  3  2  1 (I’m not doing a 6th until I finish it!) I love the little U-Haul trailer and the saguaro cactus. I loved the trip; I love embroidery; it’s just all good!


The Paper Pile: London Album

This category is toss up between the Grandma’s Cookie Tag using chalkboard paper, and the London Album (Family To Go) for my son to take with him on his study abroad quarter. The album wins the featured picture spot only because Sam voted for it ;)


Life & Style: Get Linked: My Perfect Creative Studio

This post was soooooooo much fun to put together. It was inspired by my Coffee Obsession quilt top, which was buried under a whole bunch of stuff that needed to be put away in my crowded craft/sewing “studio.”

If you’ve ever taken the time to fully visualize your perfect creative space, you’ll know why this post wins, hands-down, in the Life & Style category!


House & Home: Welcome to My Sewing Table

Tying in with that perfect studio post, above, is this one, showing part of my sewing work space. Sitting in front of my sewing machine, surrounded by tools and toys and color and POTENTIAL, I am happy. And I really like my picture of the old spools! (But the decoupage monstrosity of a storage tower that Sam and I worked on together was by far the most creative and fun!) House & Home category, check.


Eat Drink & Dessert: WSU Logo Fondant Cake Topper (after use!)

In the kitchen, I chose the fondant cake topper I made for Becca’s college graduation! I got to custom mix colors :)  play with grown-ups’ playdough, and recreate our Washington State University logo. GO COUGS! But if I had to eat something, it would be this salad featuring roasted corn, arugula, and mango — yum!


The Studio: Arizona Textures

In The Studio, our artistic/photography category, I am still fascinated by the desert textures of southern Arizona. It wins, but I find myself studying the photos for inspiration from our Taliesin West (a Frank Lloyd Wright home) tour pretty often, too.


Yarn & Yardage: Fall Quilt Wallhanging

Yarn and Yardage is easy! This fall wallhanging project 3  2  1, especially the pumpkin + heart block, is my favorite. I am proud to have finished my UFO quilt started 13-ish years ago. Even if it is old-school quilt-sampler style, color, and fabrics :)

So that’s 11 favorite posts in 7 categories… um, you can clearly see our family tendency to choose “a little of both” when offered a choice (of anything!) It’s a good thing Sam and Aaron aren’t being offered any choices lately…

Happy New Year! Are you sewing today? I am, so that I’ll have good sewing luck for 2013!


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