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My Christmas Kitchen Window

Decorations? or Functionality? Can I have both?

These are the questions I ask myself when I start trying to put holiday decorations in my workspaces. I am a fiend for functionality, and my kitchen “garden” window sees some hard uses!

We can’t keep many plants alive in this window, it’s name aside. But we sure can keep the kitchen items we use everyday at our fingertips in it! So what you see here is the result of my editing OUT just a few items from the ordinary, and editing IN a whole lotta Christmas!

Of course, the backdrop is always the neighborhood and the gray drizzle of western Washington so ignore that (like I try to everyday!)

My everyday mixing bowls — green! :) — small paring knives, ramekins to measure spices into, and birthday measuring cups (from Sam!) must stay! I use them all the time and they don’t have another home. There can be no homeless kitchen items at my house!

Our eclectic soup bowl collection must stay at the ready this time of year. It’s fun to choose a bowl that suits your mood and the food :)

Whenever I spy a gift tie-on, such as the little pinecone cluster that is tucked beside my set of green Debbie Mumm bowls, I add it into my collection of “Tuck-ers” — those little individual pieces of decor that can be “tucked” in any spot that needs a little cheer. Desks, powder room, night stands, kitchen windows… it’s fun to change up their locations from year to year!

This window isn’t very cohesive or balanced when viewed from a distance, but that’s not a goal when I do this. Most of the time this window is in ย view, you are either looking at it from quite an angle or you are right up close to it. There are different details to catch your attention from all these perspectives.

I must keep my little juicer ready to use, but I filled the large one with small glass ornaments and bells. These are two of my … hmm, I think I have 5 now? antique juicers, and the most useful of them.

If I didn’t decorate this window, it would miss one of its periodic cleanings! I can’t be the only one that sets my ย housekeeping tasks up this way. I love having my house all spic and span under the decorations :)

I hope you have a merry happy weekend!


  • Kathy - As usual your photos are gorgeous! Happy New Year!12.30.2012 – 1:03pmReplyCancel

  • admin - Thanks, Kathy! and a Happy New Year to you, too!12.30.2012 – 6:28pmReplyCancel

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