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It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…

…Christmas!!  And you know what I enjoy during the holidays is taking some photos of the tree once it’s decorated!  I’m sure you are used to taking photos similar to the one on the left, (which are awesome too) but I wanted to let you know it isn’t that hard to take dreamy photos like the one on the right.  It does require either a DSLR or a camera that you can adjust your f-stop/aperture settings and your shutter speed.  You also need a tripod or something to set your camera on so it doesn’t move while you are taking the photo.

My settings for the photo on the right were: ISO 100, f 1.8, 4sec shutter speed.  I also used manual focus, the more out of focus on the lights the bigger the round circles will be.  Basically you want your lens as wide-open as it can get and then you can play with the shutter speed depending on the other light sources in the room.  (Please note that I did take this photo into photoshop and change the colors to the pinks/greens)

The technical term for these blurred orbs of light is bokeh.  Did you know you can make shaped bokeh too??  So much fun!  The instructions for making shaped bokeh is over on the I heart Faces blog, linked here.

So go have some fun with your camera this Christmas!!  I think I’m going to try some of these tricks on outside Christmas lights this year too!


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