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The Big Reveal: Christmas Tree Challenge!

Remember when I issued the Christmas Tree Challenge?  Well, today is the day and I have my Mom’s and my results for you!

To refresh your memory the challenge was: Use 5 paper mache cones to create 5 Christmas Trees!

I thought it turned out pretty awesome how different our ideas were!  Mom made 5 completely different trees, one for each of 5 different categories on our blog.  I made only two types of trees, 3 of one kind, 2 of another, with slight variations between them.

SO… without further ado… the reveal:

Sam’s Set #1: Crochet Thread + Fabric Stiffener = a Whimsical Masterpiece!  These are going on the dining room table as the centerpiece!

Sam’s Set #2:  Scrapbook Paper, Flowers, and Buttons… the perfect decoration for my craft room!  (which is newly cleaned and organize, photos of my creative space coming soon!)

Gail’s Tree #1, Representing Blog Category: The Paper Pile

Gail’s Tree #2, Representing Blog Category: Eat Drink & Dessert

Gail’s Tree #3, Representing Blog Category: The Studio

Gail’s Tree #4, Representing Blog Category: The Craft Room

Gail’s Tree #5, Representing Blog Category: Yarn & Yardage

What do you think?  Do you like how they turned out?  We are both really excited about our trees and will probably be sharing some more about them later this week!  Did any of you participate in our little challenge?  If so, we would LOVE to see your photos!

Now that I’ve started, I can’t wait to do more Christmas Crafting!!  It is my FAVORITE time of year!!  :D


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