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Thanksgiving Earrings

Greetings from Arizona! Yes, I am back in the land of sunshine – a couple weeks away from our western WA “50s and drizzle” perpetual fall/winter. I get to hug on my Becca and share Thanksgiving with one of her dear friend’s family.

But… oops! I forgot my jewelry! So sad  :(  Guess I’ll just have to make some  :)  It’s a great benefit to be creative in situations like this! Well, and to have a craft store handy, and time available, and a few jewelry-making skills.

I have a new top to wear, and since it is out of my normal color choices I doubt I have any jewelry that would have coordinated anyway. Plain gold would have, but that’s so… plain. Bring on the color!

I could have gone shopping for earrings. But I much more enjoy shopping for craft supplies!

I challenged myself, though.  I challenged myself to purchase only what was necessary in order to make ONE pair of earrings for Thanksgiving Day at the lowest possible cost.

Of course, any extra earrings or jewelry I can end up making with my leftover supplies are a bonus!

I found a small package of beads that had a nice mix of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.

I found an earring findings kit in a copper finish – nice, I love copper!

Becca has a set of jewelry tools, thankfully. I also borrowed a short piece of her leftover black chain.

Then I sat and played. And hemmed and hawed. And changed my mind. And kept taking pictures as the beads rearranged themselves and looked pretty.

Finally I put together two pairs of earrings. Earrings with the black chain and some beads for Thanksgiving and my new top.  I like earrings with movement.

And a green mix just for me.  (go figure, right?)  They might not look very green to you, but they are a nice soft verdigris green and copper to me. That’s what counts :)

Yes… yes, those are the loop portions of bar/loop clasps hanging from the bottom of my green earrings. I really like the way that circle shape just hangs there from its connection-extension.  Think outside the box! If an unusual idea pops into your head and just won’t go away, then give it a try!  Get creative!

Farewell for this week,


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