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So today I have a little story for you, but before I get to that…

First, I apologize for being absent on Friday… I last minute did a favor for a cousin and watched her 4-year old on Thursday and Friday which left me NO energy for crafting!  ;)  I seriously went to bed at 8pm on Thursday night!

Second, yesterday I FINALLY cleaned my craft room!  Which means I have a 10 foot long bench that is clear and ready for me to start some new projects!  Woohoo!

Third, I was going to start something this morning to show you today… BUT… that brings me to my Monday morning story…

I was super motivated to get up this morning with my hubby when he left for work so I could make us breakfast and then do a little crafting (in my clean craft room) this morning before I started my work day.  Plan began:  Made us some bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, drank some coffee, hubby left, I took a shower… great start right?  I was all ready to sit down to craft… then hubby called and said he’d forgotten they had some big clients coming in to work so he needed his company logo shirt to wear instead of the button down he left wearing this morning.  Which meant I needed to take it to him… a half hour drive to Tacoma plus morning traffic, plus an accident so it took me an hour to get there, just to bring him a shirt.  Oh well… there went my craft time… BUT… during that drive I happened to remember Artco is in Tacoma.  Artco is like this nifty little independent craft store that carries both name brand stuff and lots of smaller craft company supplies too.  It’s seriously like heaven for a crafter… plus they have all sorts of craft ideas around the store too!  If you are in the area I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!

So back to my story, I dropped off the shirt for hubby and he was very thankful and said I should go get myself a coffee for my drive home… very sweet, but instead I told him I was going to Artco.  He rolled his eyes, but grinned and said ok, even though I’m sure he was thinking it was going to cost him more than a coffee.  Which it did.  ;)

So instead of the start of a new project for you today I have some instagram snapshots of my time in Artco this morning!  I’m definitely ready for some Halloween and Christmas crafting now!  :D

PS.  If you want to follow my personal instagram, feel free!  My username is: sgwilkinson86


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